Thursday, March 27, 2008

ABC Nightline: Jose Canseco fingers other players in steroid scandal, challenges Mitchell Report

Tonight, March 27, ABC Nightline interviewed baseball slugger Jose Canseco, who has the book “Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball” from Simon Spotlight, available March 28. His earlier book had been “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits, and how Baseball Got Big” (2005), published by Amazon itself. Canseco fingered Alex Rodriquez, third baseman and baseball’s highest paid player. However, Canseco questions the Mitchell report and other hearing evidence against Roger Clemens, who he says did not come to a critical party. Clemens, according to Caseco’s interview tonight, might not be guilty, despite doubts raised by the fact that Canseco seemed to get stronger as he got older. Canseco says he also helped Sox slugger Magglio Ordonez obtain steroids. Martin Bashir did the interview. The visuals showed Canseco in the batting cage., and later in show-biz appearances. He was also shown taking a lie detector (polygraph) test. He is trying to fill the void in his life left by leaving baseball. Canseco, from Cuba, says he promised his mother to be the best baseball player in history. But, he took the wrong route to it.

The ABC news story is titled: “Canseco: My motive is to attack major league baseball. Joze Canseco names new names, challenges findings in Mitchell report,” by Martin Bashir and Mary Marsh, link here.

I seem to remember Canseco

The use of the word “Juiced” for the first book title is interesting. The character Kyle (Matt Dallas), in ABC Family’s “Kyle XY” says “Juice Me” when he is learning English in the first episode. A very “logical” phrase for the circumstances.

I do recall his slugging when he played for Oakland. Later in his career he was involved in a bizarre outfield mishap where a ball hit him on the head and went over the fence (I think in the old Cleveland stadium) for a homer.

Major league baseball started with a two-game series “Boston at Oakland” in Tokyo, and the Nationals open in their new Stadium in Washington at 8:05 Sunday March 30. Atlanta at Washinton (Hudson v. Perez), on ESPN.

Picture: Old Griffith Stadium in the late 1950s; a homemade boyhood "board game" stadium. Besides Griffith and RFK, I've been in the old Cleveland stadium (the "Mistake by the Lake"), Shea, Yankee Stadium, old Detroit, the Seattle Kingdome, and Mile High in Denver, old Arlington Stadium (during the Charlie Hough days) and, of course, The Minneapolis Metrodome, where I sat in the stands as an extra for "Major League 3" in 1997.

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