Friday, March 28, 2008

Barack Obama appears on ABC's "The View"

Today, March 28, Barack Obama appeared on ABC’s “The View” at 11 AM EDT. The most important part of his appearance was his “three point plan” for his first 100 days in office if elected. They are (1) Assembled the Joint Chiefs and plan an orderly withdrawal from Iraq. The Iraqis, he says, have to be cut loose with cold turkey and prove they can run a democratic Islamic society (like Turkey, perhaps) on their own. (2) Develop Universal Health Care. Enable anyone to have health insurance as good as what Congress has. Here, he sounded more like Hillary Clinton than before, although he stopped short of proposing mandatory individual coverage (3) move toward energy independence and curb oil consumption, which is making our “enemies” rich.

Obama criticized the tax cuts for the wealthy, as adding to the $4 trillion federal deficit (President Clinton left office with a surplus). He also proposed reducing taxes for those (individuals or families?) who make less than $75000 a year.

Obama also discussed “the Reverend,” answered rumors about being related to Brad Pitt, and discussed how he handles attacks

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