Saturday, March 22, 2008

CNN: Race Front and Center

Tonight, Rick Sanchez in CNN Newsroom hosted a three-person panel, "Race Front and Center" (including Martha Zoller) examining Barack Obama's speech on race in America. Obama stressed that Americans, and especially minorities, need to stop thinking in terms of "zero sum game" . There is a perceived problem in that illegal immigrants take jobs away from minority citizens. Yet many of these jobs are those that most Americans, including minorities, don't want, as discussed in the recent book by Jackson and Perkins, "Personal Faith, Public Policy." Obama seemed to suggest that extreme capitalism encourages corporations to eliminate infrastructural jobs at home. African American citizens financial performance in earnings tends to approach (sometimes surpass) that of whites once they have at least a college degree or professional degrees.

Sanchez asked for email responses "Should Barack Obama talk about America's blemishes?"

One response: "You cannot change what you cannot acknowledge" (Dr. Phil quote.)
Another was based on the "opposing viewpoints" philosophy: put it all on the table.
Another thought that talking about "blemishes" was a smokescreen for the pastor Jeremiah Wright 's speech. Here is a piece by Chad Groening and Allie Martin, "One News Show," "Black conservative leaders weigh-in on Obama's 'race' speech," here.

The program was followed by Anderson Cooper's report "Hock and Awe," a retrospect of five years of war in Iraq, launched with the "shock and awe" attack March 19, 2003, when I was in the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis as a film party wrapped up, and it came on the TV in the theater.

Obama has admitted that he is likely to lose Pennsylvania to Hillary, and novelist John Grisham ("The Appeal") believes that Hillary Clinton will be in a clear lead by June. But Bill Richardson, reduced from candidate to super-delegate, has announced for Obama.

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