Saturday, March 01, 2008

SNL: Hillary and Rudy

Hillary Clinton appeared live and introduced the Saturday Night Live show tonight, hosted by Ellen Page from "Juno." Juno introduced her screenwriter Diablo Cody (in drag imitation; even Jake Gyllenhaal has done drag).

The Seth-Amy dialogue introduced Rudy "Giuliani Time" live, and Seth asked Rudy what he would have done differently so as not to leave all of his eggs in Florida. Rudy said he wouldn't have appeared on SNL before in a dress.

They played a good animated short "Podiums: The Obama Files" where the Clintons drop Sharpton and Jesse Jackson into the storm sewers below Austin, TX, and send Obama off to sunshine. Then there was a (second) SNL digital short, no title, so I'll call it "Candyman's Boudoir" as from Clive Barker's film. Andy Samberg plays the mirror ghost to Ellen Page, but it gets complicated. It seems like SNL short films take a lot of effort and expense, much more than possible for those new directors "On the Lot" last summer.

I think that "the boys" (that is, Princes William and Harry) should host Saturday Night Live, at the Queen's convenience. Go ahead and have it from Wembley. Seth Meyers, Amy Pohler, and Andy Samberg can travel. Royal blood is incompatible with military service.

Picture: Trees really fall down in February ice storms.

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