Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Weather Channel: "Delta 191 Crash"

The Weather Channel tonight (Wednesday March 5 2008) aired a one-hour documentary “Delta 191 Crash,” about the sensational plane crash of a wide-bodied Lockheed jet at DFW airport around 6 PM on August 2, 1985.

I was living in Dallas at the time, in the last condo that I would own there, and I happened to be arriving at the Skillman President’s Health Club when I heard about the accident over the car radio. I remember the white Dodge Colt with eight gears that I had at the time.

The program documented the crash, which was caused when the jetliner flew into a mircroburst during a sudden thunderstorm. The plane essentially broke apart on impact just south of Highway 114, on the north side of the airport.

There are a couple of YouTube videos, such as this.
Or this
with the cockpit recordings.

A local fire company from Irving got the call and found a car crushed on SH 114 without realizing that an airline had hit it.

There were political fallouts from the incident. One life insurance company tried to investigate the claim of one victim and claim that his life was worth less because apparently he had AIDS. That incident contributed to my wanting to leave the credit industry in 1988.

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