Monday, April 28, 2008

Larry King Live interviews Jimmy Carter; LKL, Cooper 360 cover Jeremiah Wright controversy

Tonight (April 28 2008) Larry King Live on CNN interviewed former president Jimmy Carter, 83, who recently engaged in “freelance diplomacy” and arranged a meeting with Hamas. He claimed that Hamas is willing to accept Israel’s right to exist, if Israel withdraws from all occupied or “expropriated” Palestinian land. He claims that they would let the Carter Center in Atlanta (I visited the grounds briefly in 1994) supervise elections. He said that two of the top Hamas leaders in Damascus, Syria include a physician and a physicist.

Carter would not endorse Clinton or Obama, but indicated that many of his friends support Obama, who has criticized Carter’s Hamas meeting, as in this April 16 Reuters story by Ellen Wolfhurst. Carter seemed to agree that the super-delegates should go with the leader after the primaries are over.

Carter mentioned pancreatic cancer in the family, and said, if you get it, you die. Michael Landon ("Little House on the Prairie") died of it in 1991, and it was the subject of a PBS show a couple weeks ago on this blog (April 9).

In the second half hour, Larry King asked for reactions from up to six candidates. Ari Fleischer, formally in the Bush administration as spokesman (he looks like me) criticized Carter’s headstrong individual diplomacy and claimed that the giving away of Gaza resulted in attacks. Other panelists included Michael Dyson, Kay Holmes, Lonnie Davis, Flavia Colgan, and Carol Simpson.

There was a lot of discussion with the panelists about the recent media appearances by Barack Obama ‘s former pastor Jeremiah Wright. Anderson Cooper’s CNN 360 continued the discussion of Pastor Wright, and some of a recent dinner speaking engagement for the NAACP in Detroit was shown. There was some general agreement that some of Wright’s former “sound bites” were patched together by the media out of context and had a tabloid affect, and have provided a serious distraction for Barack Obama in the last couple of weeks. Obama is criticized for not having dissociated himself from Wright sooner. Wright’s comments about the victims of 9/11 (the “chickens … roost” comment) started with a sermon shortly after 9/11 and had mentioned the “conquest” by Europeans of native peoples and then American “aggression” as with Hiroshima (I don’t know if he got into specific Muslim complaints about the behavior of the West in Muslim lands). I do recall (from the early 1970s) how the “Far Left” sometimes goes into the “moralistic” area of blaming individuals as morally culpable for the policies of their “classes” according to the “forbidden fruits” theories. The panelists did discuss the “prophetic black church.” In other television interviews, Wright says that he is a pastor where as Obama is a politician, and he can say things that a politician cannot say.

There was also a reference to Wright's admiration of Louis Farrakhan (and his 1995 October "Million Man March" on Washington). Other coverage has mentioned that Wright claims that AIDS was the result of a government plot against minorities.

Hillary Clinton is definitely “coming from behind” and could pull this out. She is in the position of having the football on her own 40 and being a touchdown down at the two-minute warning. And she sounds like "the home team."

Also: Are Men Expendable?

ABC Nightline had a "Children not of Men" spot "Envisioning a World Without Men Scientist Says Female-Only Reproduction Is Only a Few Years Away," by Nick Watt, link here. Men will disappear in about 125,000 years, according to Oxford professor Bryan Sykes, author of "Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men." The Y chromosome is deteriorated and cannot be repaired, and women will be able to have biological children in another decade. Imagine this in the gay marriage argument! Conservative writer George Gilder ("Men and Marriage", 1986) used to argue that females were sexually superior to males and that women tame men. We could face an Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" yet.

Until modern times, it was men who were fungible enough to go to war and be sacrificed. (But women died in childbirth.) Are men expendable?

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