Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dr. Phil features pianist William Joseph

I like to report about musical talents that appear, and today (May 28) Dr. Phil invited Yamaha pianist William Joseph (and “piano prodigy” according to the show description) to perform on his show with an ensemble (link here. The music had a Hispanic flavor (reminding me a bit of Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona’s and his famous “Malaguena”, or even Moritz Moszkowski ’s “Seguidilla”). Joseph is a native of Phoenix and discovered music early but his parents could not afford piano lessons. He was able to get help for his ambitions with a scholarship from the Local Boys & Girls Clubs. The show displayed a picture of Joseph as a boy at the piano with sheet music that looked like it might have been the notorious "Hanon Studies." His new CD is called “Beyond,” and he played compositions called “Beyond” and “Asturias” from that on the show. (His earlier CD was called “Within”). The website is this. The show made an appeal for the Clubs, website here. Dr. Phil provides a separate sublink today about the group, “keeping kids safe and off the streets.”

Joseph said that he was nervous speaking on the show, but not performing. I am reminded of composer prodigy Dominik Maican’s radio interview on NPR in which he says he has “stage fright” performing his own works. Although Maican composes in a very different style (“modern” with emphasis on Romanian and perhaps other Eastern European dance music), I wondered if there could be synergy; perhaps they could both appear on Oprah some day and Joseph could perform one of Dom’s pieces.

Joseph looked very youthful on the show, but he is actually age 27 and is married with three children. According to a Wikipedia article, he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and served on a mission in Australia.

Dr. Phil today also presented the efforts of Lutheran Family Services (headquarters Roanoke VA).

On 5/29, Ellen DeGeneres featured musician Patrick Henry Hughes on her show. Patrick was featured in an earlier show of ABC's "Extreme Makeover" with Ty Pennington.

Picture: Grand piano at the Woodrow Wilson House in Washington DC

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William Joseph is actually 29...