Monday, May 26, 2008

Oprah Windrey launches "O Ambassadors" program -- good works in developing countries

Today Oprah Winfrey presented a launch of her “O Ambassadors” program. Twelve teenagers went to Kenya and in three weeks built a school building. There was a lot of social interaction and some emotional bonding between the teens and the Kenyan kids. The kids appeared to be of high school age. One important concern presented in the show was drinking water, which US kids generally take for granted. The link for the show is here.

Oprah presented Marc and Craig Kielburger, two young men from Ontario who have worked for children’s rights and have authored a book “Me to We”. I ordered the book today and will report on it soon.

She also encouraged teachers and others (such as parents) to start “O Ambassador” projects at their schools. The website is this and the cover page flashes a slide show of a number of facts about child poverty, and child labor.

An earlier posting from June 2007 on my books blog discusses several water projects, including one in Guatemala, link here. Similar efforts are discussed in the book “Four Souls” reviewed on that posting. A recent posting on my “dramas” blog discusses the “Nacascolo” mission project in Nicaragua, link here.

But Oprah’s is obviously the most ambitious yet.

See book review of Kielburger's book on books blog May 30.

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