Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr. Phil explores safety of women (and wives) who travel to the Middle East or to Iran

Today (following up on what started Monday June 16), the Dr. Phil show took up the touchy issue of women being trapped in middle eastern countries with Islamic husbands that will not let them come home.

One story concerned a girl who met a man on Myspace.com and had flown to the Middle East to be with him. She was 18 now and legally an adult. But she had tried to meet him when she was 16 and flown to Jordan from Canada before being picked up by the FBI.
The link was here (it continues onto show 976). The girl, Katherine, was now living with Abdullah and his family in a middle eastern country.

The family is afraid that the daughter will never be allowed to come home, but the husband says he wants a US visa. Dr. Phil talked to the couple by satellite and challenged them.

Dr. Phil then talked to “Betty” who married a man from Iran and went there after he threatened to take their daughter to Iran after the 1979 revolution. Then her husband would not let them leave. She had to scheme to get herself and her daughter out of Iran. Those events became the book and 1991 MGM film “Not Without My Daughter” (dir. Brian Gilbert) staring Sally Field as Betty Mahmoody. The events in the film seem somewhat changed from the facts.

As a supplement, I wonder about whether "controversial writers" or bloggers from the US or western countries could be in danger (of arrest and imprisonment) if they travel to certain Muslim countries, even when on business with employers.

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