Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Max, on "Days of our Lives" becomes Good Will Hunting

Well, now it seems that NBC / Corday’s “Days of our Lives” is trying to reconstruct “Good Will Hunting.”

For weeks, we wondered why (race car driver and bartender) Max Brady (Darin Brooks) was tampering with the cold fusion power source proposal by Nick Fallon “Carroway” (Blake Berris). A couple of times, after confrontations with Chelsea, Nick would leave his notebook conveniently behind in the Cheating Heart Bar and bartender Max would pick it up, correct the math by hand, and mail it in. Sounds like a likely story.

We thought there was some bribe or weird subterfuge going on, where Max was trying to scrape by with some money, perhaps some industrial espionage. No, now it sounds like Max is like the janitor genius Will in Gus Van Sant’s 1996 masterpiece “Good Will Hunting.” Matt Damon (who played Will) insists in interviews that his original screenplay (that he wrote with Ben Affleck) is still on the hard drive on his home computer. Yes, it was his idea.

In Days of our Lives, it often seems like the men are good and the women (like “Katrina”) are the villains. The worst of the lot is supposed to be – you guessed it – Nicole. Max, Nick, and Shawn (on leave with Belle) were all likeable characters; Philip seems a bit more devious. John (Drake Hogestyn, who had supposedly been fired by the show), brought back to life, acts and talks like a robot. We could make a clinical diagnosis.

Today Nick, in a gesture of moral purity, offered to return all his grant money. The honor, he says goes to Max.

Max, so determined to expose evil, ought to be a good blogger journalist. It’s too bad that Max and Nick are just fictitious characters and don’t really exist.

Thursday: Max says he hid his smarts because he wanted to be "normal" and fit in. Remember how young Clark Kent says that in the Pilot episode of "Smallville" in 2001?

I do identify with both Max and Nick, although I couldn't imagine wanting Chelsea if I was straight. Why doesn't Nick date another college graduate, at least? Darin Brooks and Blake Berris do great jobs of making their characters "real".

Update: June 17

Now we learn that Max is the (probably illegitimate) son of Nick's university professor.

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