Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Larry King Live" discusses Stephenville TX UFO sightings

"Larry King Live" on Friday July 11 (on CNN) aired a reported on the Stephenville, TX UFO sightings in January 2008, in Erath County.

The previous Friday (July 4) the program had aired a report on Rosell (covered on this blog).

Constable Lee Roy Gaitain talked about seeing a red orb and then lights, which were silent. Later military jets flew. Local reporter Angelia Joiner supported his story.

Documentary film executive producer James Fox (“Out of the Blue” and now “Beyond the Blue”) spoke, as did SETI astronomer Seth Shostek.

Ricky Sorrells, from Dublin TX, discussed a daytime “close encounter of the first kind” with a detailed description of a large craft that made abrupt movements. He claimed that the military paid him several visits and harassed him, in a manner that recalls Roswell. There was discussion about the ownership of air rights over Sorrells’s property.

Glen Schulze examined the FAA logs for Stephenville, of 100,000 skin-paint target returns to an antenna over 150 minutes. Some returns suggest movement toward Crawford where President Bush’s ranch is. Robert Powell from MUFON said that the witness testimony is confirmed by the data.

Then Larry interviewed “UFO Hunters” such as Bill Birnes A web reference from the Sci-Fi channel is here or here on the History Channel (with a video). UFO Hunters indicated that sightings had started in November 2007 and continued into February 2008.

Larry King then took calls. One person called in to the show from a company called “” asked about the existence of alien artifacts. Another caller asked about a theory (supposedly speculated by the military) that aliens come from our future, to keep us from making deadly mistakes, a premise of the popular TV series on USA Network “The 4400” discussed here June 29 (the “promicin wars”).

I’ve seen possible objects a few times. In April 1967, I saw a bright object over the athletic field in Lawrence KS, which could have been a NASA or military satellite. In December 1975, I saw a relatively large light in the western sky as the sun set in northern Arizona. I did not believe it was Venus or Mercury.

In April 1978, while at an “Understanding” convention, at night, I (and several other people) saw a bright object, stationary, in the sky east of Tonopah, AZ at night. It consisted of red and green lights and remained stationary for over an hour. Several of us viewed it with high powered binoculars.

I visited both the Waco area and the Crawford area, although not on the ranch, in both 1993 and 2005. I lived in Dallas from 1979 to 1988.

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