Saturday, August 02, 2008

ABC 20-20, "Ellen" present The Jonas Brothers

Last night (Aug. 1, 2008) ABC 20/20 featured a couple of interesting segments, the crowd-drawer being a report on the Jonas Brothers. The segment interviewed the parents in their Wyckoff, New Jersey home, and showed them on the road in their tour bus, that contains bunks with a plasma TV in each cubicle.

The report depicted Kevin (20) as the lead guitar, Joe (18) as a lead vocal with tambourine and guitar, and the Joe (15), the pianist, as the soul of the group.

The boy band did not hit pay dirt immediately. It’s first CD did not sell (a lot of CD’s don’t these days, competing with downloads) but they built up a huge following on (site), and they then got a contract with Disney.

The brothers are famous for their clean-cut image and the parents talked about the purity rings. They also related how suddenly the youngest. Nick (15) was diagnosed in 2005 with Type 1 diabetes after sudden weight loss and now wears a new kind of insulin pump.

The ABC News story is “The Summer’s Biggest Act? The Jonas Brothers: Teen sensations talk music, life on the road, here by Patricia Arico and Sarah Netter.

The Jonas Brothers also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Aug. 2, with a web reference here.

The ABC 20/20 presented a profile of SALO, a staffing firm in Minneapolis, which has installed office treadmills and devices to get employees to walk more. Many employees had gained about ten pounds during their first year of work and then lost the pounds at work without having to join a gym. The quarters appeared to be in the Warehouse District or perhaps on Washington Ave near the Metrodome; the surroundings looked familiar to me from my six years in Minneapolis, 1997-2003.

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