Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Larry King Live: Bush v Gore lawyers work together on federal CA Prop 8 Challenge

Larry King Live tonight presented “Bush v. Gore” attorneys Ted Olson (former US Solicitor General) and David Boies, who have teamed up to appeal the California Proposition 8 decision (and the proposition itself) to federal court and eventually the United States Supreme Court. The Los Angeles Times story by Carol Williams had characterized them as past “rival lawyers” (link here) Both (now) legal bedfellow lawyers emphasized that it is wrong to subject fundamental rights and claims of equality to a popular vote.

The show went on to present a general discussion of the debate over gay marriage. One on side, there was the “village” argument about the need for a man and a woman for every child; on the other there was the basic equality argument. One could say, for purposes of didactics, that anyone has the equal right to marry a member of the opposite gender. In practice, the inequality means that gay people often subsidize the sexual relationships (however legal) of heterosexuals. But that’s a manipulative way to put it.

The show presented a middle aged married gay male couple. One of the partners had care for his mother with Alzheimer’s disease in his own home with his lover, and now they had moved to Arizona and would care for the other partner’s mother.

The debate on gay marriage ought to go beyond the benefits to married partners to consider the indirect ways inequality affects the childless.

The rest of the show interviewed several men who had been released from Texas prisons as a result of DNA evidence, with the blog story here.

Attribution link for Wikimedia picture of San Francisco, here.

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