Thursday, May 21, 2009

UFO Hunters: "Surveillance", at Brookhaven, Livermore

UFO Hunters: “Surveillance” (Case 92202) aired on the History Channel Wednesday May 21.

The show starts with a supposed 1992 crash of a UFO near the legendary Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, one of 21 national energy labs.

The video footage of a photographer named Mark is mapped to show flightlines all over Long Island. The program claims that there is a surveillance routine.

There was a major sighting at Southaven Park on Nov. 24, 1992, which actually caused power outages, as if by some sort of EMP effect. Then police took over and a crew from Brookhaven, some distance away, came out to carry away debris. There is some video of federal authorities carrying away debris and possibly bodies, and the movie claims that the video is the first live evidence of a UFO crash in American history.

Brookhaven has a particle collider for basic physics research.

An investigator named Garth inspected the Suffolk County park today and found the crash area to have a lot of new growth less than 17 years old.

Then the team goes to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory near Oakland CA to look for evidence of alien surveillance. The discussion (“would aliens consider lasers a threat?”) turns a bit silly.

The show talks about a crash near a tire dump, supposedly followed toxic tire fire that the show claims could have seen set as a coverup. Then there is some video footage of lights near San Jose.

The commentators feel that it is not the crashes and sightings that matter so much as what happens afterwards, particularly at the Long Island crash sites, which they claim is evidence of coverup.

This episode was one of the least convincing in the UFO Hunters series.

Attribution link for picture of Brookhaven Labs, a federal government picture in public domain. Note the collider, which appears in the History Channel film.

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