Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On ABC Primetime "The Outsiders"

On ABC Primetime “The Outsiders” last night (Aug. 11) men were shown living with lions and hyenas. In the story by Kimberly Launier, “Animal Lover Kevin Richardson Serenades 350-Pound Lionesses With Love”
Living With Lions: Man Tests Limits of Inter-Species Relations With Boundless Affection”, link here. Kevin Richardson sleeps with lionesses (reminding us of “Elsa” in “Born Free”). Richardson raised a pride of lions, who accepted him as a member of the family.

Richardson also befriended hyenas, normally mortal enemies of lions; in the show they looked like dogs.

This reminds one of a previous show where a British couple assimilated into the social hierarchy of a pack of wolves in the lake country of England.

In a related video a full-grown 500 pound male lion cat “Brutus” charges trainer Dave Salmoni, here.

A story on July 14 on ABC , by Dan Harris and Aram Karamehmedovic, a woman, Laurie Maker, was shown saving Cheetahs (see blog post that day).

In Shenandoah National Park yesterday, along Skyline Drive, a man was playing with a wild black bear cub if he were a dog. I couldn't reach the camera fast enough. Later, a deer sat in the middle of the drive on a curve and stopped both me and a school bus from the other direction.

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