Friday, May 27, 2011

Lady Gaga gives us a wakeup call on ABC GMA; Piers Morgan conducts sobering interviews with Gordon Brown, Musharraf; AC360: more tragedy from Joplin

Last night, CNN finally  began to lighten up on the Joplin tragedy to cover other things, as Piers Morgan interviewed Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK. Brown warned Americans, Brits, and westerners that there is a lot that matters besides just individual self-interest.  He did mention climate change and terror,and hinted that he thought that the sustainability of our whole civilization could be tested.

Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan followed, and talked about the theoretical illegality of president Obama’s secret raid to get Osama bin Laden. He called our president “arrogant”, and suggested that such a unilateral action could have consequences.

Last night Anderson Cooper reported that several of the missing teenagers from the Joplin tornado had indeed died in the event and been identified.  He hasn't announced when he will resume his normal interviewing, including the report on the "Sissy Boy" experiment. 

Friday morning, May 27, would start on a much lighter note as I turned on ABC Good Morning America. It seemed as though Lady Gaga  (“Born this Way”) was filling the streets of Manhattan from the Sheep Meadow to Times Square.  Sorry, I’m in Virginia.

Lady Gaga said something like “I live between reality and performance at all times.”  Stephanopoulos was there, and they had a brief discussion about bullying.

ABC's "free" videos took a long time to load this morning and had 1-minute commercials, but here goes:

My picture: from the Poisson Rogue last October, not Lady Gaga, but similar. 


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