Friday, June 24, 2011

ABC News previews a documentary about Marfan's: "In My Hands"

ABC “World News Tonight” on Friday June 24 gave a preview of the 2009 documentary “In My Hands: A Story of Marfan Syndrome” by Ann Reinking.

The short report discussed a genetic condition called Marfan’s Syndrome, which sometimes (but no means always or even usually) accompanies unusual height.   Ann was in “All That Jazz” but now teaches dance to teenagers with Marfan’s.   But often there is no obvious outward sign that someone has it.  Her son Chris also has the trait, which is sometimes associated with blood vessel disease or other connective tissue issues later in life. Abraham Lincoln may have had the syndrome.   The son made an interesting comment in the report that, for a teen, being tall makes one “stand out” when one wants to fit in. But many people want to be taller.

The written report is by Michael Murray and James Lang.

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