Thursday, June 30, 2011

ABC Nightline Prime: "Twin-Tuition": to twins share common souls or have special telepathy? Can non-twins?

ABC has combined Nighline and Primetime Live to produce a “Nightline Prime” series on unexplained phenomena. June 29, the special was “Twin-Tuition”, examining whether identical twins have a telepathic bond, or even share a common entangled  “soul”.

There were at least two cases of transmitted stigmata or medical telepathy. When one twin got a black eye from a playground injury, another showed signs of a black eye.  In another case of twins in Spain, who were separated at birth and didn’t know they had twins, one developed leukemia at 16, but the other developed bruising but no cancer at the same time.

The show presented male twins who were champion tennis players and who actually had shared financed, even though one finally married.

The show did not present the Winklevoss twins (Tyler and Cameron) in “The Social Network”.  They rowed crew at Harvard as a team. At 6’ 5’, the bragged “there are two of us.”  The have been involved in litigation against Facebook, and Piers Morgan on CNN has called them the “Winlkevi”.

The show presented Linda and Terry Jamison, who grew up in Pennsylvania, and predicted the 9/11 attacks, and a number of other 00 decade catastrophes and attack attempts. The question is presented as to whether twins have other psychic abilities.

I have a personal take on this. My mother, now passed away recently at 97, was very close to a sister 11 years younger and would share the master bed when the sister came to visit before they were both very ill.  I also think I’ve had examples of telepathy among unrelated individuals who happen to be similar cognitively or psychologically.   Recently, a friend tweeted something almost identical to a line I had written only half an hour before and that is not public.

The show presents the idea that apparent “telepathy” could be explained by the likelihood that brains built from identical DNA will process things identically, like computers.  But even unrelated people can process similar things the same way and seem to communicate. In fact, marriage is often based on the idea that in some basic way, two genetically distinct individuals are so compatible mentally and in basic outlook (as, for example, whether they care about the opinions of others) that they seem in total synch. (Scientists call it “convergent evolution.)  This can happen between members of the opposite or same sex.   Is that true of William and Catherine?

 Picture: Family album, mother in Ohio, 1940s (not twins).  

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