Thursday, June 02, 2011

AC360: Anthony Weiner and Twittergate: the practicalities and legalities

Last night (June 1), Anderson Cooper’s AC360 show continued in “opportunistic” mode, changing its itinerary. It focused on the Twitter hack of Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York State. Anderson interviewed a panel, with Wolf Blitzer explaining that in Twitter, it is not too hard with Yfrog to make it appear that a racy picture you posted was posted by someone else’s account. Liability or legal problems?  Jeffrey Toobin tended to discount them, as he says there isn’t much statutory or case law to see that crimes were committed.  I would think it should be a crime to impersonate someone else; I think I’ve covered that before on other blogs; will look some more. Lots of “friends” post “cute” (if PG) pictures on Twitter.

Cooper went into the abuses of the regime in Syria, put upon minors and teenagers. But he still has not covered the “sissy boy experiment” supposedly scheduled for May 24, put off by the Joplin tornado. Those kinds of stories continue, with shocking weather in Springfield, MA late Wednesday.

Update (June 7): Weiner made premature blog posts into toast. He confessed. He sent the tweets and photos. I can only say that the shirtless photo obviously is missing one element; it looks like Weiner visited Clive Barker's Erasure. At 46, his fake "immaturity" is not becoming. He has an odd idea about "what women want". We will soon visit a land of men without chests. You don't need to be abducted and taken to another planet.

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