Monday, June 20, 2011

CNN Presents "WikiWars"

On Saturday June 18, CNN aired “WikiW@rs” (aka “WikiWars”) with a handsome journalist Kaj Larsen narrating, a one-hour documentary on the history of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Even more than PBS Frontline, CNN focused on Assange himself, but it also gave some details on why Lamo turned in Bradley Manning, who had put an enormous trove of classified documents on a CD marked “Lady Gaga”.

In an earlier time, Assange had been associated with a group called “international subversives”.

The enormous leaks in the summer of 2010 originally named many Afghan civilians, and Assange at first, like a left-wing purist, just insisted they would get what they deserved. But after pressure, and when working with the NY Times, Guardian and Der Speigel, he did redact a lot of material.

An earlier part of the documentary discussed the leaked video “Collateral Murder”, with a military person explaining that what the public was misinterpreting.  Some of the civilian victims were where they didn’t belong and they knew it, he said.

The effect of Assange on Iceland, getting it to change its laws after Assange exposed the banking scandals, is explored.

But so are Assange’s legal problems in Sweden, Britain, and probably the U.S. today.  Assange is also presented as a self-absorbed person, with little personal empathy.

Picture: Accidental "redaction" while taking a picture in Brooklyn recently. 

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