Monday, June 13, 2011

NBC Dateline re-airs report on teen bullying in schools

On Sunday June 12, NBC Dateline reaired a March episode about countering bullying in schools, with details from a middle school in Austin, TX.  The episode is titled "My Kid Would Never Bully."  That says something in itself. 

The episode focused particularly on girls who tend to use social ostracism against those who are different, with use of social media.

The speakers took the position that bystanders must intervene when they see bullying in schools. Neutrality is not possible; you are either with the victim or with the perpetrator. Life is often like that, isn’t it! – benign neutrality becomes indirect aggression. In one situation, a more mature teen said, “Let’s talk about this” and pretty soon the other girls did not want to join in on teasing a child who just dressed differently.

Picture: low income Baltimore neighborhood from Amtrak

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