Saturday, July 23, 2011

ABC 20-20 covers earth-grown super-heroes (without coming from other planets)

Friday, July 22, ABC 20-20 presented the “topic” of super-humans, with the help of machines.

Jeb Corliss proved that man can fly, but only with actual air-filled wings. Jay Schadler reported.

Memory artist Stephen Wiltshire showed his savant ability in his drawings.

Chris Waddell climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro in a handcycle (with no altitude problems).

Ashley Battles plays wing-walker in the San Francisco bay.

Now compare these to the TV series heroes: Clark Kent of Smallville, Jake 2.0, Sean Walker in “The Event”, Kyle XY, and Shawn Farrell in “The 4400”. If you have powers, you must have come from another planet.

How many people can you think of that seem to have extraordinary talent, and deploy it well and convincingly.  Is it hard work – usually.   Or could it mean that “friend” is “one of them”?   “No one human could possibly do all this.”

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