Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ABC Nightline Prime: "Battle with the Devil" in its "Beyond Belief" series

A preview and a portion of ABC Nightline Primetime’s “Beyond Belief” called "Battle with the Devil”, full report Wednesday July 20, some of it aired July 19:

There’s a scene of an exorcism in a rural “Baptist” church near Buffalo, NY (not the South this time), with people burping and coughing up phlegm, in a physical experience. Terry Moran reports.
I did see believers being “slain in the spirit” at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, FL in November 1998.  Afterwards, believers, while sleeping, were gently covered with blankets.

Without being specific, I can say that I may have witnessed something like possession one time when I was an "MP" "inpatient" back in 1962.

The show, as aired, focused on the devil, and mentioned a lawsuit over whether the music of a heavy metal band could induce suicide, and mentioned the musical "tritone" chord as "devlish" (as in Liszt). The show focused on our ideas about Satan and the Devil. 

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