Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AC360: Does the Octomom represent our future better than childless people? Anderson's "Ridiculist"; Also, GOP really chokes on pro-family, anti-gay-marriage pledge

Anderson Cooper covered the Octomom Nadya Suleman with her 14 kids last night on the Ridculist on his AC360 show.

Cooper, who I believe has no kids, said he believes that kids are our future, and therefore Nadya has 14 times as much invested in the future as him. (Sorry, Anderson: 14/0 – fourteen divided by zero – is infinity, or indeterminate, not 14).  I thought his comment was itself ‘ridculist-like”.

He did bash Nadya-bashers, however. Here is his column

Remember, Dr. Phil had often presented Nadya and had asked for local (LA-area) "volunteers" to help raise her kids ("other people's children"). 

He also discussed a bizarre “family values” pledge circulating in the GOP claiming that slaves were more likely to be raised in two-parent opposite-sex parent families than today’s African American children. Sorry, GOP, a history professor explained how slaves had no rights at all, including no right to marry. Families were often split up as chattel. Therefore, if the GOP was looking for a new argument to down gay marriage, it really choked on this one  -- or gagged.   That should have made Anderson’s Ridiculist. 

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