Wednesday, July 06, 2011

CNN AC360 interviews Anthony jurors, then Rand Paul on cutting (or means testing) Social Security as part of debt ceiling deal

On Wednesday night, CNN AC360 was hosted by John King, who re-presented three of the jurors from the Casey Anthony trial. Two of them said they were sickened by the tragedy, but did not believe the state had proved the case with physical evidence that matched up. One juror thought that an accident and a coverup was possible.

CNN also discussed the idea that the State of Florida would go after Anthony for costs, very unusual in a criminal case, unless it is obviously part of expected book or media deals.

AC360 also discussed the Strauss-Kahn case. Both this and the Anthony case “suffer” from hasty or overzealous prosecution.

During the AC360 broadcast, CNN broadcast breaking news, that President Obama has agreed to Social Security cuts as part of a budget deal. It was not clear whether cuts could affect current retirees.  But then AC360 put on Rand Paul (R-KY), who in the past has argued for graduated social security cuts aimed at younger people (and probably wants to replace with privatization).  But he said today that the way for the rich to do their part is to means test them for Social Security and Medicare benefits, and apparently he means to start doing that now with current beneficiaries.

This of course pits one generation against another. Paul says that tax hikes on the “productive rich” essentially tax everyone with higher unemployment.  But King argued that Bill Clinton raised taxes slightly on the rich and enjoyed an economic boom in the 1990s (largely because of “Web 1.0”, in the first DotCom era).

Lori Montgomery’s breaking story in the Washington Post on social security cuts is here.

As of late Wednesday, it did not offer speculation as to whether the cuts could affect current recipients. It would obviously be complicated to develop mathematical means testing formulas, partly based on "present values" of past FICA contributions (and what about those who took "early retirement")? 

Below, Marcia Clark offers a comparison of the Anthony case to O.J. Simpson in the 1990s:   This all reminds me of 1990s radio talk show host Victoria Jones, "the British Lady". 

ABC Nightline will interview "Juror #3" again tonight.

One "obvious:"question: who was the baby's father, and what about his accountability?


The media covered the sentencing Thursday morning. The judge threw the book at her with four consecutive sentences, but she will get out next Wednesday.  On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin said Casey should leave Florida and go and live "in obscurity". 

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