Saturday, July 02, 2011

CNN: Demi Moore (and Ashton Kutcher) host "Nepal's Stolen Children"

On Saturday, July 2, CNN aired (or re-aired) the one hour film “Nepal’s Stolen Children”, a CNN Freedom Project Documentary, basic link here.

Actress Demi Moore (who with her husband Ashton Kutcher run the project) narrates, and introduces CNN Hero of the Year for 2010, Anuradha Koirala.

The children of the women sold or trafficked across the border into India into slavery often do not recognize their mothers, but cling to their rescuers.  The women are often lured with promises of jobs, and sometimes given beverages laced with sedatives. 

Moore interviews the prime minister of Nepal, but is rebuffed when she visits the jail where men who arrange the trafficking serve sentences. There is one raid of a brothel shown in India, but men get little or no sentences.

Ashton Kutcher appears near the end of the film. His catch phrase is “Real men don’t buy girls.”  He has tweeted a lot lately about this, even about ads in the Village Voice, such as this story by Wendy Davis in Online Media Daily.

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