Saturday, July 16, 2011

CNN: Larry King airs a special on the last Harry Potter movie

This week, CNN’s Larry King Live has aired a one hour special , “When Harry Met Larry: Harry Potter, The Final Chapter”.

Yesterday, I reviewed the full film on my movie’s blog.

The one hour show featured a lengthy interview with Daniel Radcliffe, now almost 22, who said he wept the last day. As with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who also appear, the 10 year project took up most of their “childhoods”.  At one point, Daniel Radcliffe was Britain’s wealthiest teen. It also showed a snippet of his stage performance in Equus.

Radcliffe considers the last film the best. He also said that child actors in Britain are still children first and professionals second, the opposite of how it is in the U.S.   He also said that Harry as a character has a bit of a hero complex, and that he does himself. 

There were scenes from the Harry Potter attraction in Orlando and another in New York.

Interview with Helena Bonham Carter.

Last picture: Would Harry Potter make it at West Point?

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