Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CNN: Piers Morgan interviews The Donald on the debt issue, doesn't get fired

CNN on Wednesday July 20 covered a variety of important topics about the budget, justice, and national security.

Piers Morgan interviewed Donald Trump at a distance about the budget crisis (link).  Trump said that a “grand bargain” needed to be struck, and that increasing taxes would only drive companies offshore. He said that he would repeal ObamaCare, but in the past he has said that society should take care of all of its sick.  He said that George W. Bush did not do well as president, but Obama has made things worse.  He also talked about enormous regulation that drives jobs overseas, especially to China.  He said the Chinese can fill in the ocean to build a real estate development “in two days”. 

Later Cornel West and one other speaker talked about Trump as having “pimped” the presidency, and talked about poverty as an existential national security threat.

On AC360, Sanjay Gupta was heralded by Breaking News that the “Gang of 6” didn’t get closer this evening on a budget deal, and went off into a conversation as to whether there was a count of votes in the House that would derail any debt extension at all.  (ABC disagreed with this assessment).  Later, AC360 presented a controversy in Anoka, MN, near Minneapolis, where a “neutrality” policy preventing discussion of sexual orientation in public schools indirectly contributes to bullying that has led to several suicides. 

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