Sunday, July 31, 2011

NBC Dateline: "Taking the Hill: Inside Congress"

Tonight, NBC Dateline covered the debt ceiling debate with a one hour special, “Taking the Hill: Inside Congress”, with basic link here, with Brian Williams, tracking Wednesday, July 27.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, from Ohio (third in line for the presidency) was portrayed as the “cigarette-smoking man” (from X-files), and it shows with his gams when he comes to the golf course in his shorts.  Boehner's office was said to reek with stale tobacco odor, like a smoking-permitted motel room.   He played golf with the president , who also has a history of smoking. That’s depressing.

People become coffeepots working there, especially the weakly paid interns, who then become motivated to run for office themselves. But what we need is for more people from other walks of life to serve in Congress for more limited times.

 Second picture: from Tea Party "Hold the Line" rally Wednesday.

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