Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Open House" series from a real estate firm gives a feel for wide price swings in real estate market today

Open House” is available on many local cable channels in many cities.  It is sponsored by Coldwell Banker. “Open House NYC” presented condos and coops on the Upper West Side for under $900000, and then redesigned a “bachelor pad” without the help of Nate Berkus (who is said to have moved ro NYC).  It talked about cluttered book spaces and electronic gear.  No piano or bicycle here. 

But the program also offered city-to-city comparisons (Barbara Cochrane-like), saying Niagara Fallas NY was now the most affordable community and Huntington Beach, CA the least.  The wildest price swings  up and down (and neighborhood s adjacent) occur in the Atlanta area now.

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