Saturday, August 06, 2011

ABC 20-20: Is entering sweepstakes a "career"; also, help for hoarders

ABC 20-20 Friday covered the subject of compulsive hoarding, some of the material based on an earlier series on TLC, The Learning Channel.

The segments tonight focused of the effects on the children, who themselves may not hoard. There was some question as to generic basis of the psychiatric disorder. Two-day cleanups  organized by professionals and friends were shown.

In a few cases, homes have been condemned because of hoarding.

There followed a segment on people who make a living by entering sweepstakes constantly.  One woman had one three appliances.  There was a question as to whether this is a “real job” or just represents compulsive behavior. One woman said her favorite moment of the day is going to the mailbox.

When I went to the abcnews site this morning, I was greeted with an audio ad for a prize from a popup, which I should have suppressed in Chrome. ABC should be ashamed of such an ad on its site. Or was it the result of a hacker?  I am sure Webroot will find a tracking cookie. 

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