Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ABC GMA reports on the "family bed" (again?): Primetime Nightline will report on a BIG family

ABC Good Morning America ran a funny report on “the family bed” with Cameron Mathison examining his own family and one other, Wednesday, in a report called “Co-Sleeping: Parenting Tips to Help Get your Children out of your Bed and into their Own”.

When I was a kid, I did not experience the “family bed”.  My parents’ master bedroom was a mystery. I recall, when being in an apartment back in 1949, at the age of 5, that a neighborhood cat would climb through the window and jump in my bed.

I’m struck by how “family values” has gotten tied to the idea of passing on the intimate aspects of life (“Sinfonia Domestica”) to kids, which I did not experience.  When I was working as a substitute teacher, this caught me by surprise more than once.

As for one particular shot of reporter Cameron, those are great gams. 

And Primetime Nightline will feature a story about a big family with 18 children Wednesday, Aug. 24.  It's called "(Extra)Ordinary Family", the Bates family in Tennessee   (I can remember a notorious movie with that name that does not get mentioned).  Their entire life is very family and people centered, and the older kids are assigned younger "partners" by their parents to learn to take care of personal needs.  The basic link is this

The father negotiates for motel prices, as 18 people fit into 3 rooms.  The mother wants the kids to learn to "be content in life."  Sounds a little like my own mother.  There is no sense of personal autonomy the way a lot of us expect to experience it, and no setting of personal agendas. The purpose in life is decided for you by God and "family".  On a journey to Texas for a Christian home schooling conference, the family faces two tornado threats -- all "together". 

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