Monday, August 22, 2011

ABC News reports on whether marriage really leads to weight gain and more obesity

Love, Marriage, and Your Waistline”, a report by Sharon Alfonsi. Aired tonight on ABC’s “World News Tonight” with Diane Sawyer.

“Just wait until he gets married,” my Army buddies at Ft. Eustis (“Useless”) would say back in 1969. Even then, it was often noted that the love handles and pot bellies (something my father equated with “no ambition”) came after marriage, not something that sounds very pro family.

The report said that women may actually gain a little more weight than men after marriage (even before pregnancy), but men really pile on the pounds after divorce. Losing a relationship often leads to obesity.
“Dating” but single and living alone seems to be the thinnest. Go to any gay disco and notice the multiplicity of slender men (who may just be more attractive on a dance floor).  It’s probably true of a straight disco, too (like Greenville Ave. in Dallas).  For some reason, it seems that gay bars these days have a lot of men much taller than average (say over 6’ 4” or so), and that’s not just in Minneapolis.  I wonder if there are some accidental biological or genetic links carried on common chromosomes.

A book that I reviewed on Aug. 7 by Mara Hvistendahl, “Unnatural Selection” (about male birth rates in certain countries) noted that when get married and become fathers (and/or), their testosterone levels actually go down and in a sense they become biologically less “masculine”.  That may comport with George Gilder’s (and George Will’s, for that matter) theory that “women tame men”.

Picture above: weight gain starts at the Wedding Reception (my parents, May 1940, although this really didn't affect them that much). 

The CNN special on preventing heart attacks with diet (the Vegan Diet, perhaps) will air Saturday night; it was originally scheduled to air Sunday night but was pre-empted by coverage of the revolution in Libya. 

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