Thursday, August 18, 2011

ABC Nightline Primetime: "Psychic Powers" in "Beyond Belief" series

ABC Nightline Primetime presented a one hour “Psychic Powers” in its weeknight “Beyond Belief” series.

Included were a couple of tests with $1 million jackpots where self-proclaimed psychics had to identify 9 out of 12 people correctly (75%).

I had an experience recently where I was writing some lines in a screenplay, not ever posted online, and a friend (not blood-related) tweeted a line I had written a half hour later. There was no way he could have "known”. Psychic?  Or is it “convergent” cognitive similarity? (Because of similar genes that control cognition, we both react to the same facts with the same conclusions, expressed the same way.)

I’ve also paid for palm readings a couple of times at summer block parties (I remember one in particular in Minneapolis in 1998 that claimed a male best friend had lived a previous life as a female.)

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