Thursday, August 04, 2011

ABC Primetime Live examines near-death experiences

ABC Nightline Prime presented “Beyond Belief: Near-Death Experiences” on Wednesday night.

Bob Woodruf, who had such an experience after horrific head injuries in Iraq, hosted. Woodruf looks fully recovered and doctors say his brain never completely shut down. Other NDE’s happen as blood circulation to the brain stops completely.

Pastor Don Piper presented his own experience has he relates in his book “90 Minutes in Heaven” (published by Revell), long enough for an average “movie”.

What I wonder about is whether the “afterlife” people report has a “geography”.  It would have dimensions we cannot access.  People seem to go back and forth in age, violating the time arrow in physics. Some people-like beings are actually angels, who apparently live forever and don’t have children. It’s a fascinating universe and view of the place of the soul.
One atheist related her own experience. 

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