Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aussies find TV watching greatly shortens life (Oh, really?)

Back in seventh grade, in 1955, I remember another boy in the cafeteria who taunted me, saying I watched “too much television” and probably played with toy soldiers (or “Small Soldiers”).  And “general education” teachers, in the days when black-and-white TV with its daily westerns (and stagecoach wrecks), was a “technological novelty,” implored us kids, “read, don’t look at television”.

Well, there is a study from down under, Australia, claiming that after age 25, watching an hour of television shortens your life by 22 minutes, the same as two conventional cigarettes.  Is that because of lack of exercise? (Cigarette smoking is gross; it makes you go bald in the legs.) 

Well, my mother lived to 97, and during the last ten years of her life she did relatively little else. It seems as though our life spans are increasing a lot more than our ability to replace our population.

Here’s the link for the story on MSNBC.

As for the video, it's recent; an a "hike in the mountains is worth any grade."

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