Sunday, August 28, 2011

CNN: "The Last Heart Attack"

CNN, after weekend delays because of Libya and the Hurricane Irene, finally aired “The Last Heart Attack” (not announced) on Sunday Aug 28 at 9 PM.  Sanjay Gupta hosted.
The link is here.

Much of the program featured Bill Clinton, who discussed his own subtle symptoms (shortness of breath with exercise) leading to coronary bypass surgery, and then his lifestyle change by adapting the Vegan diet, which is a bit like Gabe Mirkin’s “severe low fat diet” of the 1990s.  You don’t eat anything that has a mother or has a face.  You don’t eat any oils or dairy products, not even any chicken. Just plant food – fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.

One woman reversed her coronary artery blockage over five years with the diet alone, and avoided bypass surgery.  She described how she eats out in New York City on the diet.

Another man described a failed coronary bypass, resulting in a second operation. Remember David Letterman's "emergency" coronary bypass in 2000, and Esquire's article depicting him as a disfigured member of the "zipper club"?  If you go to the doctor, you might not come home.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, of the Cleveland Clinic, is an advocate of the Vegan-like diet, as are Dean Ornish and Terry Mason, with small modifications.

Dr. Arhtur Agalstan described a new way of looking at good and bad cholesterol.  Larger cholesterol particles are better because they tend not to stick to arterial walls.  He also showed the plasma from health blood, which is a transparent yellow liquid, compared to an average person whose plasma is cloudy.

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