Saturday, August 13, 2011

"CNN Presents" examines Erie bank robbery case, said to have inspired "30 Minutes or Less" film

This evening  “CNN Presents” aired the case ("A Twisted Tale") of a bank robbery in Erie PA in August 2003, in which Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man (Brian Wells) who died of an explosion of a collar device attached to him around the neck, was apparently drawn into the complicated plot involving getting part of a questionable inheritance. His sister, however, denies this, and claims that the perpetrators had pathological or sociopathic motives which the public (and police) would never understand. The report has the character of an NBC Dateline episode, but is shorter. 

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an old account of the case here

There is some talk that the new dark comedy  30 Minutes or Less” , directed by Ruben Fleischer (Columbia) has normally appealing actor Jesse Eisenberg (who played Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network”) as the fall guy in a story that resembles this case, although the filmmakers deny it. I may not see this one for a while.

CNN also showed a report on the rescue swimmers school for the Coast Guard.  The swimmers actually do their own sewing.

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