Monday, August 08, 2011

"CNN Presents" repeatedly airs short documentary on Warren Jeffs and FLDS; I had looked into this in the 1980s myself

CNN Presents has been airing a short report on the history and trial of Warren Jeffs, with his “self-defense”, his conviction, and probably effective life sentence in Texas.

I actually visited Colorado City AZ in October 1987 and saw the communal houses and women in pastel dress (looking superficially like Mennonite dress). The situation there is apparently much less stable now, with the FLDS running the town. The town is on AZ highway 389, just south of the Utah border, in an isolated part of the state.

I visited San Angelo once or twice when living in Texas in the 1980s. I may drive past the compound when I visit Texas again later this fall.

Authorities call Warren Jeff’s sect as like a “Taliban”.

In 1982, I visited a couple of other Mormon offshoots of the “Reformed Church” in Independence, MO (including the “Temple Mount”), and also visited the Briggs Energy Company, which at one time tried to manufacture and sell personal computers in the days of the TRS-80.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Mojave Community College, ironically abbreviated MCC.

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