Sunday, August 28, 2011

Media hypes Irene all weekend, highlights tree danage

CNN apparently again postponed its medical special on diet and heart attacks to spend all its weekend time reporting on Hurricane Irene. Today Candy Crowley’s “State of the Union” was still dedicated to Irene. (Note: I later found the heart disease documentary being aired at 9 PM Sunday night. This will become my next review here.)

The coverage Sunday morning concentrated on the extreme flash flood danger in upstate New York and northern New England. The “event” in New York City was much less trying than had been expected.

The media also reported on the incredible volume of downed trees from this Hurricane, due to sustained tropical force winds and saturated soil.

The New York MTA will resume some limited bus service today at 4:30 PM. It has an info page on the service restoration process here  with links to pictures of NYC transit flooding.

In Washington DC, local stations (at least WRC4 and WJLA-7) covered the storms non-stop all weekend. Adam Caskey worked the Sunday morning shift -- starting at midnight. Everyone wore coat and tie. 

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