Friday, August 26, 2011

NatGeo presents former President Bush speaking about 9/11

Terry Moran aired, on Nightline Aug. 25, a preview of former president George W. Bush’s interview with National Geographic Channel on September 11. 

Moran says that Bush emerged from the Florida classroom “transformed”.  It spoke of Andy Card’s “Massachusetts accent”.

He says that reading to children clarified his job, which was “to protect people”.

He was determined to address the nation from the White House, not from a bunker in Nebraska.  He had to overrule the Secret Service to come back home.

Later Bush talked about the phone call from President Obama when Osama bin Laden was taken out on May 1.

The interview full will be broadcast Sunday night on the National Geographic Channel, link here

There are preview clips, one of which recreates the morning of 9/11 in more detail.   For people who live in hurricane-exposed areas with power and cable outages likely Sunday, It might be a good idea to watch these today.

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