Saturday, September 24, 2011

ABC 20-20: "Generation YouTube"

ABC 20-20 last night ran a report “Generation YouTube”, covering the opportunity “ordinary people” have to make themselves famous without “competing” in Hollywood’s or commercial TV’s old empire.

One kid goes viral emulating Justin Bieber. Another man makes a video about United Airlines and its lack of customer service.

Some people have experienced issues with instant fame, being flooded with emails, or their families with unwanted attention.

The show did not cover the problem of copyright infringement, and the DMCA takedown issue, or Google’s “copyright school”.

Another problem has been videos posted in bad taste, such as beatings or bullying, or even the aftermaths of car crashes.  Popularity does not always imply quality.

YouTube is different from social networking in that most YouTube videos are posted with the idea that the entire public will find it.  YouTube is more like most public blogging.

Here's a piece from "Pandemic Labs" on "Going Viral with YouTube" (link).

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