Friday, September 16, 2011

ABC Nightline covers Facebook and job hunting, then Pat Robertson' remarks on divorce and Alzheimer's

ABC Nightline last night brought on Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook to explain how to use Facebook in job and career hunting.  A lanky Facebook engineer, graduated from Harvard (and “cute!”) demonstrated some of the tools in an outdoor Palo Alto CA café.  

Facebook would seem to go head-to-head with Dice on IT jobs, and probably will develop an interface for headhunters.  But the use of Facebook by most major employers makes the subject of “online reputation” even more critical, as well as Facebook’s idea that one should have only one public “identity” to maintain integrity.

People with specific skills can reach potential customers efficiently through Facebook, as Sandberg and the engineer showed. People sometimes pay Facebook to have their resume found and read.  

Nightline later covered the Pat Robertson Affair, that is, his remarks to a caller to his 700 Club on Alzheimer’s Disease and divorce.  The Huffington Post has a typical story on the incident here

I won’t repeat Robertson’s rationalizations here; I disagree and think you could say that about a lot of end-of-life diseases, if you wanted an “out”.   It strikes me that he swerved around a major moral point in particularly Christian thought. That is, we are social creatures, and any one of us could be challenged to provide unconditional love to someone else, and not try to get out of it, even by responsible “choice”. Sustainability of society may depend on the ability to expect that of anyone, even though not everyone will have to deal with it. Longer life spans, or at least the capability to keep them longer, are driving this point home.  

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