Thursday, September 01, 2011

ABC Nightline Primetime: "Inside the Transgender World" (from "Extraordinary Family" sequence)

On Wednesday Aug. 31, ABC Primetime Nightline aired another episode of (Extra)Ordinary Family, “Inside the Transgender World”.

One interesting story was that of Charles Kane, who changed from a man to a woman and back to a man again.

At age 5, Dyson challenged social expectations with the phrase “I am a princess boy.” This stirred up a nerve ending associated with memories from my own boyhood; I thought being a girl was a "privilege". 

In Ohio, sympathetic parents (who would have been unusual until recent years) hel p a ten year old Jack return to grade school as “Jackie”.  There is a family reunion near Lake Erie.  Jackie will take hormones to prevent male puberty.

Vanessa, 19 goes to Guadalajara, Mexico for surgery she could not afford in the US, and sells herself to “straight men” to help pay for it.  But,  remember Ashton Kutcher's crusade (so passionately put forth on a recent Piers Morgan CNN interview): “Real men don’t buy girls”.

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