Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AC360 airs an update on anti-gay bullying on the same day that "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in the military ends

Anderson Cooper on AC360 Wednesday night, on the same day that the military “don’t ask don’t tell” policy repeal took effect, aired another horrific case of anti-gay bullying and resulting taking of a teen’s own life. This was the case of Jamie Rodemeyer in upstate New York.

Jamie said he got anonymous messages on Formspring.

He also had blogged about the experience and made a video that “it gets better”.  Nevertheless, a tragedy happened, suddenly, after these apparently more upbeat messages.

There followed another debate on anti-bullying.  Anderson mentioned the site “True Tolerance” (link)  which sounds like a misleading title (it comes from “Focus on the Family). 

The situation in Anoka, MN was mentioned. But then the argument twisted on itself. It seemed as though “conservatives” argue that if you have a personal belief against someone else’s behavior or status, you have the right to taunt them.  The view was expressed that teachers and administrators can simply announce that such epithets will not be tolerated on campus (in social networking off campus it gets harder).

Nevertheless, it seems as though some schools (and "conservative" groups) still view bullying as an unavoidable component of the "weeding out" process in growing up.

The next night, AC360 mentioned the story of a boy who was bullied because he took piano lessons. 

Another little note (not enough for a post):  The song "Blue Velvet", from David Lynch's famous 1986 film, was performed on ABC's "The View" Wednesday.  Tony Bennett performed it. 

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