Sunday, September 18, 2011

CNN GPS "Getting Back to Work" with Fareed Zakaria

Start out with this preview where Fareed Zakaria interviews Jeffrey Immelt, on the CNN Global Public Square special “Getting Back to Work”.

The past ten years have focused more on “efficiency” than innovation, where the Internet and dot-com boom added so many jobs in the 90s. It’s interesting that the companies that became Internet behemoths in the 00’s – Google, Facebook and Apple – do hire, in the thousands, but that’s just not enough companies.

One of the ideas was a private-public Infrastructure Bank, taken out of the political pork system, as is done in Europe. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) discussed the idea.  Reliable power and broadband will be very important to attracting jobs, as will reliable transportation.  One idea that I would personally add is hardening the power grid against solar storms (coronal mass ejections) and terrorist EMP attacks, as well as against more conventional cyber attacks.

Public safety was discussed, and the collapsed I-35 bridge in Minneapolis (2007) was shown.

A GM plant building a subcompact in the US was shown, as a clue as to how to bring back manufacturing jobs.

First picture: Electric car charging station, Baltimore Penn Station.
Second picture: Mississippi River waterfront from East Bank, Minneapolis, about 1 mile from bridge that collapsed. 

Third picture (for the update) -- a constructive accident (Brooklyn NY). 


Here's the PDF of the Emmy winners.  This year, hardly anything that I follow won.  I couldn't even get "The Kennedys" here.  I'm game for another "Flash Forward" or another "Rubicon".  These sorts of series didn't do so well this year.  Don't know why. My own novel manuscript "Brothers" would make a sci-fi series (maybe for Logo).

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