Thursday, September 15, 2011

Does Anderson Cooper's daytime show "replace" Oprah?

I finally caught the new daytime show “Anderson” at 4 PM Wednesday, with Anderson Cooper “replacing” Oprah Winfrey on ABC, link here.

The show, originating from New York City (where Anderson lives, splitting time with CNN's home in Atlanta and all his international reporting) has a nice backdrop of Central Park. I hope it's real.  (The picture here is mine, taken from a concert in December near Central Park, similar to the view in the show, slightly South of it). 

The style is not so different from Oprah’s, with controversial guests.  Will he invite some musical performers, including classical, later?  

On Wednesday, he covered the topic of babies being abandoned.  He interviewed a young woman who had been found in December 1987 by a police officer in California taking a break by the road, totally by chance.  She did not want to find out who her birth parents were.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the show had medium ratings at the outset, link

There was a furor in 2008 when Nebraska passed a child abandonment amnesty law that had the unintended consequence of encouraging impoverished parents, even from out of state, to leave teen kids. That has since been remedied.  Here is a typical link.

In his promo video, Anderson says New York City is home to him.

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