Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weather Channel, residents make documentaries on Chicago 2011 blizzard with the narrow escapes on Lake Shore Drive

The Weather Channel runs many half hour documentaries of how individual people dealt with weather disasters (as with the upcoming Sony film “Take Shelter”). On Sept. 28, it showed how people dealt with being caught in a Loews in a North Carolina tornado in April 2011, but the really interesting segment was “Twist of Fate”. 

A young woman who works in a Chicago area mall tries to beat the incredible Groundhog Blizzard and gets stranded with a thousand other people on Lake Shore drive. Way out of range of rescue, she took a chance on depending on a stranger. There was a clear danger of death from hypothermia if motorists did not help one another.  

The film also showed the thunder snow. 

The link is here

Here I am, writing about snow in September, and I don't live in Fairbanks.

Here is a Chicago resident’s (Daton Kunkel) 12 minute documentary “Chicago Blizzard: The 2011 Snowpocalypse Documentary”.

Note: The review on the PBS Nova films tonight on Japan's earthquake and tsunami are on my "disaster movies" blog (check profile).

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