Saturday, October 08, 2011

ABC 20-20, Nightline do investigative report on middle school bullying-related shooting and trial in California

Friday night, ABC 20-20 covered the story of Larry King, 15, who was shot point blank by Brandon McInerney, 14, in a case that led to a trial north of Los Angeles that first seems to put “on trial” the inability or unwillingness of many school systems to deal with anti-gay bullying.

The jury was hung on whether Brandon should be convicted of first degree murder or instead voluntary manslaughter. There will be a new trial.

The report showed that Brandon himself came from a very troubled home and might have thought that Larry was “hitting” on him.  The Defense claimed that Larry “bullied” Brandon right back.

Brandon was found to have neo-Nazi like literature in his possession, but later it was found he had been working on a class assignment on the history of Nazi Germany.

The English teacher is interviewed, and she said it was a fine line to see what dress and behavior to allow. But she says Larry King never crossed the line in “breaking the rules”.

Jurors were interviewed, and they all insisted that no jury would convict Brandon of first degree murder, whatever the prosecution thinks.

The news story is by Jim Dunreuil and Denise Martinex-Ramando.  An extensive preview of the 20-20 report had aired Thursday night on ABC Nightline.

20-20 Reporter Juju Chang offers a personal perspective on ABC News. 

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