Monday, October 31, 2011

"CNN Presents" covers plastic bag wars and libel suit; unconvicted abusive priests; shark tournaments; and "The Mountaintop"

Sunday, October 30, 2011, "CNN Presents" covered several important topics. 

The most prescient was “Plastic Wars”, where Amber Lyons covers plastic waste winding up everywhere, including man closed loops way out in the Pacific Ocean.  The plastic gets ground into little bits of material.  (See review of film “Bag It” on Movies blog, March 28, 2010.)   

The litigation against Andy Keller, owner of Chico Bag (link) has been sued for defamation by larger competitor Hilex Poly  (link, saying it operates the largest plastic bag recycling facility in the world), and two other competitors.  As part of a proposed settlement, Keller was supposed to agree not to talk about Hilex – or else Chico could be forced out of business.  “Silence clauses” in intellectual property settlements could set dangerous precedents, even for newbies, in the law – a problem I would expect to see Electronic Frontier Foundation to address.  Felicity Barringer reports on the matter for the New York Times, June 11, 2011, “In war of words, makers of plastic bags go to court”), link here.

CNN’s show also reported on shark fishing tournaments, where larger sharks are killed, possibly contributing the depletion of the population.

It also covered the issue of accused priests (regarding improper conduct with minors) living in communities without being on a registry, but they haven’t been convicted of crimes or even sometimes accused of crimes. 

The government would be getting involved in the affairs of a church if it compelled reporting of all incidents to police.  It’s dangerous to suggest people should be on a “Scarlet Letter” list without conviction of a crime.  (In Ohio, that’s actually possible.)

The report also contained a brief report on the new play about the Rev. Martin Luther King, “The Mountaintop”, on Broadway (the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater), by Katori Hall, story

The “CNN Presents” link for the show is here.

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